Type S
Type P
Pipe Mounted

Mini-Floats are pilot duty devices designed for small diameter sumps and places where space is a determining factor in the selection of a level control device. Mini-Floats control the function of motor load devices, such as contractors, motor starters, and power relays, to automatically cycle a pump or pumps. They can also be used for alarm signaling devices. Two Mini-Floats are needed for a one-pump operation;three for a two-pump operation.

Mini-Floats are available in a combination of mounting styles, cable lengths, and circuit configurations. Mounting styles are shown above: Pipe Mounted (Type P), and suspended (Type S). 10, 15, and 25-foot cable lengths can be special ordered. Electrical configurations must be specified; normally open, (NO), for pump out applications and normally closed, (NC), for pump in applications.