The new Solo-Float is a direct acting float switch for controlling 1 1/2 HP and smaller pump motors. The new Solo-Float has been completely redesigned and uses a metal ball rolling back and forth in a tube to actuate a reliable, snap-action switch. An adjustable, plastic clamp with stainless steel hose clamp is provided for attaching the Solo-Float at the appropriate level on the pump discharge pipe. By varying the tether length, a pumping range of 8"-14" can be achieved. The Solo-Float is available with a piggyback plug in either a 115 volt or 230 volt configuration. It is also available in blunt cut, without a plug, for wiring to an Anchor Scientific JX junction box.

The Solo-Float can be used in a variety of liquid level applications, including sumps, sewage ejectors, septic tanks, vaults and tanks. The corrosion resistance of the materials used in its construction also make the Solo-Float a good choice for many corrosive applications.